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What is Animal ?
Animal is a mindset. It determines how you react to certain things in life.  When related to sports such as Bodybuilding, Fitness, Boxing, Kickboxing, Crosstraining, Freerunning, anyone that is fully commited to their work-out, and anyone that is willing to bring that sacrifice to achieve their goals, has a true Animal mentality.

Who can be an Animal?
Animals are dead serious about their sports. Whether they have a physical goal to achieve or a mental challenge to conquer, their work-outs are highly intense and either brutal or cathartic.
Animals need to work-out. They plan their lives around their sports and are extremely disciplined and structural. They sacrifice social relations and other activities to schedule their work-outs. Skipping a day is not an option.

What are Animal Supplements?
Once you tried it, you shall find that the supplements out of the Animal line all have taken the next step when it comes to formulation and efficacy as a whole. When it comes to quality they bring you the very best that the supplement industry has to offer you.

Who can take Animal Supplements?
Anyone over the age of 18 that is in good health (and not pregnant) can take Animal Supplement.

What backs up the Animal Quality?
It goes without saying that all of our supplements pass any test when it comes to purity of all the ingredients, absense of harmful ingredients that are banned by the authorities. But even more important: all our supplements are gym proven over the years by hundreds of thousands sports enthousiast over the globe. Animal has a very loyal customer base of individuals that are dedicated to their health and bodies. Time and time again their choice for supplements remains to be a choice out of the Animal line.