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Animal Flex 2x Bundle + CBD

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This promotion contains a bundle of 2x Animal Flex and FREE CBD melting tablets included!

Most complete Joint Support supplement.

• Glucosamin
• Chondroitin
• Turmeric
• Ginger Root

30 x CBD Melting tablets on a strip
No other joint supplement designed for serious lifters has won more awards and accolades than Animal Flex. Why? Because Animal Flex flat out works. Animal Flex has won the prestigious 'Joint Supplement of the Year' award eight years in a row. But more importantly, Animal Flex has changed the lives of lifters around the world and has helped keep them in the gym, day in and day out. Serious trainers take a beating in the gym. This iron sport is grueling, arduous and repetitive. There’s no way around that reality. You will be sore, you will get hurt, you will feel pain regularly. How you recover, how you respond how you remedy and deal with that pain will ultimately determine how strong you are on the platform or high you ascend on the competitive bodybuilding stage.

To reach the lofty goals you set for yourself, think marathon and not sprint. You have to approach training like it’s your job. If you’re out sick, you’re not moving forward. The same applies in the gym. If you’re injured, you can’t train. And if you can’t train, you won’t grow. Nagging injuries and joint issues will most certainly hinder a lifter’s progress. Dealing with injuries is all part of the game, and some are simply beyond your control. But there are measures you can take to fortify your weak links and minimize the nicks and dings that come with the territory when training on a high level. One such preventative step is joint support nutrition.

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years.
Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician before using this product. Not intended to replace normal food. 


One of the most popular food supplements of the moment: CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an ingrediënt that is naturally occuring in Cannabis / Hemp, however it is not psycho-active as most people would assume. Even though more than 50.000.000 people worldwide use CBD on a daily basis we in Europe stil can't legally say anything about effects of CBD. What we can however say is that CBD is in no form or way harmfull for the human body.

Usually CBD is taken in liquid form (oil drops) under the tongue, as this is the place where CBD is best absorbed in the human body. As CBD naturally has a very bitter taste the and drops are more difficult to dosage, more and more CBD products appear on the market in the form of capsules. However the absorption of the effective ingredients under the tongue is much better than in the stomach.

This is why Universal gives you CBD in the form of Melting Tablets (5mg CBD each), good tasting and easily absorbed under the tongue.

Next to the 5mg CBD the melting tablets also contain 25mg Vitamin C and 50mg Ashwagandha(*). This ingredient has a positive effect on muscle regeneration and stress reduction. (*Health Claim pending European authorisation)

Usage: place one melting table under the tongue and leave it there for 2 to 3 minutes before swallowing. Use 1 to 3 melting tablets spread over the day (5mg-15mg).

Warning: do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not exceed maximum daily dosagge. If you use any medication please consult with your doctor first as CBD can have an effect on your medication.
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Animal Flex 2x Bundle + CBD

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